Anti-tumor Effects of ValAsta on Glioblastoma

  • Anti-tumor Effects of ValAsta on Glioblastoma

Glioblastoma is one of the most lethal types of brain tumor; it arises from glial cells. The standard treatment for glioblastoma is a combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy following the surgical removal of tumor tissue. However, glioblastomas generally show a poor prognosis and short survival time, rarely longer than 14 months.

The attached 2020 study used astaxanthin and adonixanthin (a natural derivative of astaxanthin) to evaluate the potential as a natural antitumor treatment of Glioblastoma. 

This study clarifies the antitumor effects of astaxanthin and adonixanthin using glioblastoma models. Specifically, astaxanthin and adonixanthin showed an ability to suppress cell spread in three types of glioblastoma cells.

These results suggest that both astaxanthin and adonixanthin have potential as treatments for glioblastoma.


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